This “Parts” series is a series of 10×10″ drawings mounted on 1 1/2″ tall cradled boards. The drawings are based on close crops of my personal photography. I love how they can be mixed and matched in groups. I am asking $175 each drawing with discounts on four or more. Contact me for details.

Sunny Dahlias


“Sunny Dahlias” 10×14″ Caran D’ache Luminance and Neocolor II on Stonehenge Paper

I took my daughter fishing for this piece. We caught the sunny at the fishing dock on Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis. We had pretty good luck fishing there over all. The sunnies are savvy but you can trick them with some strategic wiggling.

The original work is Sold. Prints are available.



“Curio” 11×13″ Caran D’ache Luminance and Neocolor II on Stonehenge Paper

For “Curio” I had an idea, but no way to pull it off, so I made my family go shopping with me. I had envisioned a bell jar to put the rat in, but couldn’t find one in a suitable size.  The jars I did find are very pleasing to me anyway. The detail in the lids was difficult to capture – but lots of fun to try. My aim was to create a tension between the two enemies within the fragility of glass.

This was my first experiment in Neocolor, a water soluble wax crayon. They layer over multiple layers of colored pencil beautifully, and I plan on exploring a lot more with them in coming days.

The snake and the rat were both unharmed during the photo shoot for my reference photography here. The rat’s name is Oopsie and she received lots of treats after this.  The snake is named Corina and she was also fed appropriately after the shoot. Her meal was no one Oopsie knew.

The original work is available. Please contact me for more information.

A Love Story

A Love Story

“A Love Story” Caran D’Ache Luminance on Stonehenge

Immediately following “Still Life with Apple Jar,” I began work on this piece. I had the photo of a toad in a glass from another time when I had one captive to take photos of. I knew I wanted the toad to be in beer, but hadn’t yet thought of what else might work in a drawing with it. The vertical composition of “Apple Jar” gave me the idea to go that way. An empty beer bottle, a rose and some Photoshop later and “A Love Story” was born.

The original is available, framed in maple. The image is 13×19, framed to 24×30″ asking $750.  Contact me for details.